Hatta Mountain Safari

Hatta Mountain Safari

Duration :   8 Hours
The Price :   AED 130.00
Total Seats :  2000/2000

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Our Package Includes:

  • ☑ Air-conditioned vehicle 4WD with Professional Guide.
  • ☑ Hotel pickup and drop-off
  • ☑ Hatta Heritage Village
  • ☑ Hatta Water Dam
  • ☑ Hatta Lake
  • ☑ Hatta Honey Bee Centre (Ticket Not Included)
  • ☑ Hatta Secret Pools
  • ☑ Hatta Hill Park
  • ☑ Kayaking in Hatta Dam (Ticket Not Included)
  • ☑ Swan Lake
  • ☑ Hatta Pools
  • ☑ Availability of Water bottles
  • ☑ Pickup
  • ☑ Wad-e-Hatta
  • ☑ Hatta Hills
  • ☑ Hatta Park
  • ☑ Hatta Heritage Village
  • ☑ Hatta Market
  • ☑ Hatta Nourlar View
  • ☑ Sewan Lake Hatta
  • ☑ Hatta Port Hotel
  • ☑ Hatta 360 Observatory
  • ☑ Drop Off

Contact the Sunset Desert Safari team and immerse yourself in the enchanting Hatta Mountains. Discover this exotic landscape with our thrilling Hatta Mountain Safari. Reach out to us to learn more about our exciting packages and customize your unforgettable tour!


Hatta Mountain Safari

It’s truly indescribable—the joy that comes with venturing to Hatta Mountain. With the Hatta Mountain Safari in Dubai, you’ll uncover the vast landscapes and stunning scenery that define this remarkable destination. Set against the backdrop of the majestic Hajjar Mountains, the experience becomes even more enchanting.

The Tour Overview

Participate in our off-road tour to explore the rugged landscape. The breathtaking beauty of the majestic Hajjar Mountains is truly mesmerizing.A 4×4 vehicle is the best medium to travel, making our Hatta Mountain 4×4 safari an exciting adventure. You have a golden opportunity to explore an ancient fort and mosque. Most of the old houses, historical sites, and ancient mountains have been restored in a very elegant manner.

The Hatta Dam is also an interesting place for tourists. The pure water sourced from pristine mountain springs serves both agricultural irrigation and the generation of electricity.The Sunset Desert Safari team will take you to Hatta Hill Park. This verdant oasis offers an idyllic setting for a leisurely picnic. Enjoy a delightful meal amidst nature’s embrace, though a small fee applies for added culinary indulgence. Don’t miss out on our Hatta safari tour for a truly unforgettable experience in Dubai!

What's Included

  • Adult
  • Breakfast
  • Child
  • Daily Morning
  • Free WiFi Available
  • Language : English , Hindi, Arabic
  • Pick Up & Drop Off : Includes
  • Tour Service : Daily Morning
  • Transport
  • Welcome Drinks

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July 2024
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